There are a number of ways to start adding your volunteers to your organization site on Track it Forward. You can either have them self-register (which will save you as the organizer time) or you can import them into the system and invite them to start logging hours (which gets you moving right away). Below are instructions on how to do both:


Import Contacts: Add your volunteers in bulk or one at a time 

Go to your Organizer Dashboard



To add your volunteers individually: In the Volunteers tab, on the left-hand side is a form to fill out for adding a new volunteer.  You can send them an invitation by selecting the checkbox next to Send Invitation and once complete, click on Add Volunteer.

To add your volunteers in bulk: In the Volunteers tab, click on the Import tab, and click on Import Volunteers (with or without email) and follow the instructions on the next page. 


Self-Register: Have your volunteers search for your organization on the Track it Forward home page.

If you use this approach, make sure your site is made publicly searchable. Read here on how to do that. 

When they find your site they can register themselves as a new user. If you don't require new user approval, they can start logging hours immediately. Otherwise, their account will be in pending status until an organizer approves them.

For more help with inviting volunteers, read more here

Your volunteers would follow these steps to self-register. 

If you'd like to modify the email template with a personal note, read this article. Just be sure when you add to this, you keep the code that represents the link to your site.