Volunteers without emails (also known as Managed Volunteers) do not have access to the site and are not able to log hours themselves into the system, so the Organization Owner or Coordinator has to do it for them. Usually, these volunteers don't have an email address, never use the internet, or they just they might be a group comprising of multiple volunteers.

In the future, if they get an email address and need to join as a regular user of Track it Forward, you can transfer their hours to that volunteer profile. Volunteers can also have their hours transferred to a managed volunteer, but it has to be down by an owner or organizer. 

To add volunteers without an email, you can import them in bulk or manually one at a time. Below are instructions on how to do both:

Import Volunteers in Bulk:

Go to your Organizer Dashboard

Click on the Volunteers tab, then click on the Import tab (under Add Volunteers), and click on Import Volunteers (Under Volunteers without email). Follow the instructions on the next page. 


Add Volunteers Manually:

In the Volunteers tab, under Add Volunteers section, click on the no email tab. Fill out the necessary fields and click on Add Volunteer.

Volunteers without emails will appear in the bottom portion of the volunteer list, titled List of Volunteers with no Emails (not in the same section as the other volunteers).