The ability to approve hours is something that is only available on the premium paid plans. After the 30 day trial, the approval ability will no longer be available unless you upgrade. 

During set up, your Organizer Dashboard will have a tab activated so you can choose to approve the hours of each submission. At this step, you can also choose NOT to have approval required. To learn more about managing approvals, read this

If you have selected hours to be approved by your organizer upon submission, all hours will require approval except if they are entered directly by the organizer into the Hour Log Form through the Organizer Dashboard.

To Approve Hours:

If you are an Owner, Manager or Coordinator:

Click on Organizer Dashboard

In the Overview menu tab, in the Report Summary section, hours that need to be approved will be within the Approve Hours tab. 


You can approve hours in a variety of ways:

  1. Check individual boxes and click on Approve Logs
  2. Check the top box in the title row to bulk approve all submitted hours, and click on Approve Logs
  3. Click on the Review link by the volunteer's name (use this option to reject hours)


If you are an Approver or Field Approval:

Click on Approve Hours and follow the same steps as above.


*Field Approvers are volunteers assigned to approve only certain fields or activities. Read this article to learn more about assigning field approval.


If there is no Approver or Coordinator assigned, the Owner or Manager of an organization will receive email notifications for approval upon each submission. Once a Coordinator(s) is assigned, all notifications will be sent to this role.  The only way to not receive email notifications is to disable approval upon submission.