Events are included in all plans and for all users. Though, the site Owner or Managers has the ability to limit who can create new events. 

On your dashboard, go to Events Sign-ups

Click on the Create Event button


  1. Choose your date, slots of time you'd like people to sign up for as well as shift descriptions and set a number of required volunteers.
  2. Decide what kinds of reminder notifications you would like sent out to the attendees. You can always return to this page to edit by clicking on the event in the calendar view.
  3. You can also duplicate the event if you need regularly scheduled events sign-ups.  Read more about it here

To Invite Volunteers or Send Messages to Attendees:

Save the event and reopen it again. Under the Volunteers column, click on Invite to send an invitation to sign up for an event, or click on Email Attendees to email personal messages to all of the volunteers that RSVP'ed.


Events are viewable by everyone (public) unless the creator configures that only Track it Forward users can access the event.

  • You can ask new volunteers to provide a name and email without being a user of Track it Forward. 
  • You can also require a password to access the event if needed. 

For more advanced event configurations, go to the Settings tab, then More Settings. Click on Event Sign-Ups tab on the left-hand side.