We strongly recommend archiving volunteers instead of permanently deleting them. This will remove them from your volunteer list and they won't count towards your total volunteer count, but the system will store their information on the back end in case you need to reactivate them. Their email will also remain in the system if they try to create another account. You can unarchive at any time, but if you need to permanently delete an account, it can no longer be restored.

If archived users attempt to log hours, the system will prompt a message letting them know that their account is blocked, but they are still able to log time. When archived users log hours, it will unarchive their account automatically.

To archive volunteers, see the steps below:

Go to Organizer Dashboard 


In the Volunteers tab, under the List of Volunteers section, select the checkbox of the volunteer(s) you wish to archive.

From the - Choose an action - dropdown select Archive Volunteer, then Run.


The system will prompt you to confirm that you would like to archive the selected user(s). Click on Confirm to finish archiving. 


You will then see a message confirming that your selected user(s) was archived successfully.

Archived volunteers DO NOT count against your total volunteer count.
If you wish to permanently delete a volunteer with an email, read this article and if they do not have an email in the system, read this article. 

Another way of doing this...

Another option for archiving a volunteer is to click on Organizer Dashboard >> Volunteers >> Click on the name of the person you'd like to delete >> Permissions >> Archive Volunteer >> Confirm by clicking "OK".  Here you can restore the volunteer or delete them permanently as well.