Change a volunteer's name or profile information:

Go to Organizer Dashboard

In the Volunteers section, under List of Volunteers, find and click on the volunteer's name. (Use the magnifying glass search icon if you have many volunteers). 


This will lead you to another page which will allow you to edit the following volunteer information:

  • Timesheet - View, approve, reject, delete or edit their hours
  • Permissions - Archive, permanently delete, or restore (if archived) the volunteer; Transfer hours between this volunteer and other volunteers, and assign them different roles. Read this article for detailed descriptions of each role and their permissions. 
  • Profile Fields - Review or edit personal profile information
  • Event RSVPs- Review all of the events and shifts this volunteer has signed up for.
  • Password - View and update volunteer email addresses, as well as change passwords if needed. 
  • Notes - Add extra notes and information about this volunteer.