Do my volunteer hours get submitted directly to my timesheet?

No. Your hours are your own responsibility to add to the main Track it Forward site/hour log unless there is some other arrangement you have established with your organizer where they will add it for you.

Can a volunteer sign up for a series of events at the same time? 

No. Volunteers need to select and sign up for the events they want to sign up for one at a time.

Can I have events that are only on my website widget and separate events on the Track it Forward site? 

No, at this time the events will be the same on both site, but you can set password requirements for certain events and set whether or not you want other to be able to see other attendees. 

Can I limit how many shifts a volunteer can sign up for?

At this time there are no restrictions on how many times a volunteer can volunteer for shifts, just a restriction on the number of attendees per shift. You can make a note in the details of your event, but we do not have a function to restrict their attendance.