Events Check-in is available only for administrators at the moment. The current intent is, during an event, for an organizer to login on their personal mobile device to check in/out their volunteers or to set up the check-in page at a kiosk station. As the first round of testing is in progress, any thoughts, confusions, misunderstandings etc. are wildly acceptable and should be sent to with subject line "Events Check-in Feedback".


To access the Event Check-ins:

Open the Track it Forward application on your mobile device >> click on the [3 stacked lines] icon in the top right >> click on Events Check In


The next screen will show the list of events starting from the most current event down to past events. If you do not have any events scheduled, you will need to create them on the computer first. 

There can be 3 different types of icons showing the status of the event: No volunteers checked in, Volunteers currently checked in, and All volunteers checked out. 

Click on the + sign next to the event title to open the check in screen and for more information