The sign in kiosk is the perfect digital sign in sheet for organizers who don't need volunteers to sign up in advance, they are using sign in sheets daily to track who is coming in and out of the organization, and they need the system to automatically calculate the amount of time the volunteer spends there and then automatically logs the hours for them as soon as the volunteer signs out. 

You can access your organizations kiosk by going to and signing in as an admin or you can access it through the Track it Forward application on your mobile device. (Tap on the [3 stacked lines] icon in the top right >> tap on Events Kiosk.

Today's sign in sheet will appear showing who is currently signed in and how many people have signed out. This is where the volunteer can sign in or can register on the spot if it's their first time. When a volunteer signs out by tapping their name, their time is logged to their timesheet.