To sign up with Track It Forward, click on any Start Free Trial button, fill out the quick, basic information form, and once you click on Start Free Trial your setup process will begin.


Below is an overview of what to expect when creating a new site. 

Step 1: Building your Volunteer Log

The first step is to build your volunteer log, where you will answer 7 simple questions about hour submissions, time requirement, approval processes and what information you'd like to gather from your volunteers. 

Click on these links for more help on configuring hour logs, milestones, and volunteer profiles


Step 2: Log your first hour

Next, you will submit time to preview what your volunteers will see and will give you an opportunity to experience how Track it Forward works from both sides as hours are submitted. 


Step 3: Visit the Organizer Dashboard

The last step in the setup wizard gives you the opportunity to explore the Organizer Dashboard where you have complete access to manage the site, review reports, manage volunteers and all other settings. 


Once you are ready to move on, the next wizard will allow you to setup volunteers and create events.

Setting up volunteers is easy! You can either onboard them yourself or you can invite them to self-register for the site. 

If you decide to create an event first, the system will walk you through all the steps needed to start filling up your calendar. 

 For further details, see this link for additional articles.