There are many ways to set up milestones. For more options, see the full list here. This article goes over Activity Based Milestones, how it'll look on a report, common examples, and how to configure it.



Common Scenarios of Activity Based Milestones

This configuration is when an organization might have two or three different type of requirements for the different activities the volunteer does. We've seen setups like this:

  • 20 hours of field work and 30 hours of back-end computing work
  • 10 hours of traffic duty and 40 hours of all other activities
  • 15 hours continuing education credits and 20 hours of professional development credits


How to Set Up:

To configure milestones by activities, go to your Organizer Dashboard


1. Create Your Activities

Click on the Settings tab, then click on Hour Log

Select By Activity to categorize your submissions

List your activities that you'd like to track in the next text box


2. Create Milestones For Each Activity

Next, under the Settings tab, click on Milestones

Click on the Multiple Hour Requirement radio button
Click on Add Requirement for each new milestone type
Insert a milestone name and number of hours for each
Apply certain activities for each milestone, by clicking on the "+" sign next to the name and check the activities that the milestone should only track against

3. Set Up Your Time Frame

Select a time period

You can also set up a custom time frame. For example: if you want to set up hours for a school year that runs from September to June, you would select Every 1 Year starting on 9/1/2018. 

Milestones automatically reset after each specified timeframe, until changes are applied or turned off.