For an overall summary of time tracking, head over to the Reports page. Here, Owners, Managers, and Coordinators can run and export information about volunteer hours. 

To access reports, go to the  Organizer Dashboard

Click on the Reports tab, then to update the report click on Show advanced search settings

How do I modify the report?

1. To and From Dates

By default, the report will start from your initial hour logged. If you would like to change the default start (from) date, read this. But if you need to run a report showing start and end dates other than the default, click on the bar to use the calendar icon to select your date frame

2. Show Fields

Check the boxes for fields that you'd like to view in your report.

3. Group By

Check one radio button option for grouping by a particular field.

Note: If you use the grouping feature, you will not be able to use the date filter simultaneously.

4. Date Filter

Check one radio button option for filtering by a particular date.

Note: If you use the date filter feature, you will not be able to use group simultaneously.

5. Filter By

This section allows you to filter by the other fields that your organization is managing. You can select multiple options within each category, but cannot combine with the Group by or Date Filter options.



To see the changes applied after any new setting is selected, click on Update Report. 


Once your report is final, you can Export or Print using the buttons at the bottom of the page.