You can invite volunteers to start logging hours when you first add them to the system or later on in bulk. You can also send invitations to volunteers to self-register. This article talks more about adding volunteers. 

Invitations give volunteers instructions on how to log in (if you've set up their account) or self-register (if they don't have an account set up yet).

Go to Organizer Dashboard



To Invite Multiple Volunteers (with an account):

  1. Click on Volunteers.
  2. In the List of Volunteers section, check off their names.
  3. Then in the actions drop-down select Send Invitation
  4. Click on Run and follow the remaining instructions

To Invite One Volunteer (Right After Creating an Account):

  1. Click on the  Volunteers tab.
  2. On the left-hand side is a form to fill out for adding a new volunteer. 
  3. After the form is filled out, click on the checkbox next to Send Invitation.
  4. Click on Add Volunteer.

To Invite Volunteers to Register an Account:

  1. Click on the Promote tab
  2. Copy the link on top of the page in the section called Share This Link with Other Volunteers and paste to share within any other form of communication - Website, email, etc. 

If you'd like to customize your email template, you can read more about it here