There are many ways to set up milestones. For more options, see the full list here. This article reviews milestones by type of volunteer, how it'll look on a report, common examples, and how to configure it.



Common Scenarios of Volunteer Specific Milestones

This configuration is when an organization has volunteers with all different kinds of requirements. So instead of grouping all of your volunteers to hit the same milestone, we've seen configurations for the following different types of scenarios:

  • Single Parent Families, Military Families, and Two-Parent Families
  • Preschool parents and Elementary School parents
  • Honor students, IB Students, and Non-Honor students
  • Board members and regular volunteers


How to Set Up:

Go to your Organizer Dashboard


1. Create Volunteer Categories

Click on the Settings tab, then click on Volunteers

Click on Add profile field to add a field that you would like to group your volunteers by.  Insert a title that your volunteers will be familiar with and make sure that the field type is a Drop Down field. Then list all the options, underneath the drop-down box.

For additional field options, click on the "+" sign next to the title.

  • Description: short text to help your volunteers understand the field
  • Required: Volunteer won't be able to submit until that field is filled out
  • Display Name: if you would like the name of this field to be visible in the volunteer's  public profile
  • Organizer Only: ONLY the Organizer (the owner and manager) will be able to see this field
  • Collapsed: The field options will be collapsed until they are expanded
  • Grouping:  use grouping if you are trying to allow some volunteers to be in the same group with a common identifier. When volunteers are part of the same group they can contribute their hours to the same volunteer requirement or achievement level.
    • ie: if two parents would like to contribute to one milestone (40 hours of classroom volunteering over the course of 1 school year), but want to have two separate volunteer accounts they can reach a family milestone. You can sort and filter them by that field.


2. Create Milestones For Each Category

Next, under the Settings tab, click on Milestones

Click on the Multiple Hour Requirement radio button
Click on Add Requirement for each new milestone type
Insert a milestone name and number of hours for each. 
Then click on the "+" sign next to each new field name and check the volunteer groups under Apply to specific volunteer which the milestone should track against

3. Set Up Your Time Frame

Select a time period

You can also set up a custom time frame. For example: if you want to set up hours for a school year that runs from September to June, you would select Every 1 Year starting on 9/1/2018. 

Milestones automatically reset after each specified timeframe, until changes are applied or turned off.


4. Categorize Your Volunteers

You can do this individually per volunteer or in bulk.

Go to the Volunteers tab, and in the List of Volunteers section, make sure each volunteer has an assigned category.


To assign a category per individual, click on the Volunteer Name >> Profile Field Tab >> Set Category >> Save


To assign a category in bulk for volunteers, select your volunteers >> in actions drop down, select Set Profile Field >> Run

Select the field you'd like to set and select the drop down option to set, then click on Next and confirm.