If you go to the pricing page you will find the different payment plans available:

You do not need to have more than 25 volunteers to upgrade to the convenience of a premium paid plan.


What is the difference between free and premium plans?

Currently, the main difference between the free plan and premium plans is the ability to assign multiple manager roles, send bulk emails and embedding the log on your website.


What if I don't know how many volunteers to pay for?

When your site is close to reaching the volunteer limit, our system will notify you to upgrade to the next size level, to make sure you have enough space for new users. If you hit your maximum limit, new users will not be able to register. 


What is the best way to manage multiple sites?

If you manage lots of volunteers at multiple sites, the Group Network Plan may be a good option for you. This plan gives you unlimited hour submissions, phone support, online training and the capacity for many projects. This plan allows an organizer to have access to multiple sites, have multiple admins per site and each site can operate independently under one paid plan. Go ahead and contact us directly to set this special plan up.