There can be several reasons why you are getting an error message:

Wrong Password

If you get locked out because of too many inaccurate password attempts, contact your organizer through our form on the bottom or directly to have them reset it for you, or you can use the change password link to reset it yourself.

Archived User Account

Your volunteer account could be archived or permanently deleted by the Organization administrators. If this is the case, contact your Organizer administrators, as they will need to be made aware, if the deletion was an accident.

User Account Needs Approval

Sometimes the Organizer has settings where they require new users to be approved before they can be granted access to the Organization site. If this is the case you would need to either wait for them to approve you or contact them directly.

Organization Account Cancelled

If your account has been closed, it could be because the Administrators have canceled their subscription or they removed payment. Contact your organizer directly for assistance.